Play Name That Saint!

A Field Guide to the Saints: The Traveller's Illustrated Handbook To Church Art provides a fun and easy way to identify the Saints found in churches and museums, and to learn their stories.

Especially designed for travellers visiting southern Europe (but relevant anywhere that Saints are found), this book allows you to solve the mystery of "Who is that Saint?"   It's a thrill to decode these images using the easy-to-read identification "clue list," and doing so can make visits to churches and museums a truly fun experience, a game anyone can play.

If you are headed to Europe, bring this delightful, authoritative, and practical book along! You'll love reading the stories of the Saints. The material is engaging and slightly irreverent, but always informative.

"At last we can all be art detectives, and solve the mystery of "What saint is that?" wherever we see saints - on our travels, our visits to galleries, to architectural icons, to distant lands!   It's a thrill to decode these images - some world-famous, others hiding out in a small village,  a school hall or a library.  "A Field Guide to the Saints" is an irresistible, E-Z-to-read volume that makes us all instant sleuths, able to identify most or all of the Christian saints we see in great works of art and religion.  We've read the book cover to cover, and now keep it at our elbow for ready reference.
ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL in its whimsical and informative details on the Lives of the Saints "
Helen H. Bayly
MRAD/Royal Academy of Dancing, London;
Florence Convocation, Firenze, Italia:
Art, Cultural Initiatives USA-Italy

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